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Sneak Peek at Online College Classes


with Susan Hissong

Calendar Next session starts Sep 1, 2019

Want to see how online classes work? Or just let us help you make sure you're ready to start your distance learning online college class? We'll help you with log-in to your MyWestern account, become familiar with all the services found there, and give you an overview of Canvas - the online classroom for internet courses where the teacher and students interact. For more information, call 307-782-6401 or email

Substitute Teaching


with Linda Irick

Calendar Next session starts Sep 25, 2019 at 6 pm

This community class meets the requirements of “at least 24 hours of school district in-service training” as mentioned on the state of Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board website. This class is designed to prepare students to become substitute teachers. It will cover the use and application of lesson plans, elements of instruction, emergency plans, classroom organization and behavior management skills. Students will learn about duties and job descriptions for all levels. Successful completion of the course is based on attendance. Become a substitute teacher with your high school diploma (or High School Equivalency) and this class. Upon completion and with additional observation time, you can meet the requirements to become a certified substitute teacher in the state of Wyoming. Additionally, you will be required to undergo background checks to work in local school districts. Classes are Wednesdays. There will be one night of class that will meet on a different night because of district parent/teacher conferences. That will be announced at the beginning of the class. PLEASE NOTE - All current state requirements to gain your Substitute Teaching Permit are listed online at Requirements are subject to change. If you are not certain of your current eligibility to become a substitute teacher in Wyoming, please check with the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board. If you have ever been a substitute teacher before, and your certification has lapsed, this class is not for RE-certification.

There's an App for That!


with David Ricley

Calendar Next session starts Oct 24, 2019 at 6 pm

Congrats! You’ve mastered taking photos with your smartphone. Want to learn how to share, store and manage those precious moments with friends and family?

Have you thought of your smartphone as a resource for maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Everyone knows how important it is; but did you know there are many tools out there that can help you track and plan your diet and exercise? 

How about mobile banking? Have you ever been away from home needing to pay a bill, check a balance or deposit a check? You guessed it – you can take care of that right on your smartphone with the same safety and security as doing it from home. Join Union at Valley Learning Center for ‘There’s an App for That!’ and find out how quick, simple, and satisfying it is to be able to take care of these tasks and more from the convenience of your smartphone. Pizza, refreshments & snacks will be provided, as will plenty of time for individual Q&A if you’re curious about certain applications or smartphone functions. We look forward to seeing you!

Traditional Jujutsu


with David Woodland

Calendar Next session starts Oct 7, 2019 at 5 pm
2 additional sessions through Dec 2, 2019

Danzan Ryu Jujitsu traces its roots all the way to the samurai. Students will learn an art that teaches self-defense as a by-product, not violence. From the first day of learning customs and courtesies to then learning rolls, falls, and escapes from holds then moving to throwing, ground work and striking, with a strong emphasis on safety. Students learn to protect themselves and become physically fit. Healing arts, anatomy, physiology and massage balance out the curriculum.

The ultimate goal of the Danzan Ryu is perfection of character. Students are challenged to be more and do more than they thought possible. Rank is achieved by hard work, positive attitude, and learning physical as well as academic curriculum. Written and performance examinations are administered when students are ready to advance. Outside reading and study are encouraged and maintaining a notebook of what's learned is necessary. Students can achieve rank up to black belt through this program. Our system of martial arts has direct lineage to the founder of the system.

This class is a good way to become more physically fit and mentally challenged with increases seen in self-esteem, positive attitude, and growth in character. Our program helps build friendships with returning and new students. Ages 14 and older are welcome. Younger students may be accepted with instructor permission. ALL STUDENTS MUST PAY A ONE-TIME ANNUAL $25 MEMBERSHIP FEE to the American Jujutsu Institute for liability purposes. This once annual fee is good from January through December and is due to the instructor at your first class.

Tuck n Roll Tots


with Jessica Guild

Calendar Next session starts Oct 10, 2019 at 9 am

Tuck n Roll Tots is a parent/child tumbling class. All children ages 2-3, accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older, are welcome to participate! With the assistance of the parent, children will practice rhythm, gross motor skills, and body awareness. An introduction to letters, numbers, colors, etc. are incorporated into class time! Please bring one yoga mat and one small stuffed animal per child to each class.

Tumbling Beginner


with Sabrina Stiglitz

Calendar Next session starts Sep 3, 2019 at 5 pm

Join our popular and exciting tumbling class! This class is for beginners who are 5 years old or older. We will be focusing on the development of movement skills. Children will learn action, balance, and coordination with a range of different activities! We will be learning skills in addition to preschool skills, handstands, round offs, backbends, and many more!

Full Course
Tumbling Intermediate
Registration Unavailable

Tumbling Intermediate


with Sabrina Stiglitz

Calendar Next session starts Sep 4, 2019 at 5 pm

Join our popular and exciting tumbling class. This class is for intermediate tumblers. We will be focusing on the development of movement skills. Children will learn action, balance, and coordination with a range of different activities! In addition to prior skills, we will be learning back walk overs, front walk overs, front hand springs, back handsprings, and much more. All tumblers are required to have taken a beginner’s class.

Tumbling Pre-School
Registration Unavailable

Tumbling Pre-School


with Sabrina Stiglitz

Calendar Next session starts Sep 3, 2019 at 4:30 pm

Tumbling PRE-SCHOOL is a special 30 minute class for our newsest tumblers! All potty-trained children, ages 3-4 are welcome to join this fun-filled class! We will be focusing on the development of movement skills. Children will learn action, balance, and coordination with a range of different activities. We will learn beginning skills such as forward and backward rolls in all positions, cartwheels, headstands, and the beginning motor skills to prepare them for future tumbling. **Parents must sign-in/out children from each class.

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