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Education and Employment

HiSet and GED Prep Class


with Amy Jensen

Calendar Next session starts Jan 7, 2019 at 10 am

Ready for a better job? Have dreams of college but didn’t graduate high school? We can help! Valley Learning Center offers FREE HiSet and GED preparation classes for all individuals 16 and up who are not currently enrolled in high school. Our classes are small and highly individualized with plenty of one on one instruction. Let the Valley Learning Center help you pave the way to a brighter future. Start earning your High School Equivalency Diploma today! Day and evening options. Come by or call us at 307-782-6401.

Job Development Academy


with Amy Jensen

Calendar Next session starts Mar 25, 2019 at 4:30 pm, runs for 8 weeks

The Job Development Academy is an 8 week course designed to provide students with the guidance and support needed to not only successfully enter the workforce but to create and begin working towards a realistic, clear and attainable career goal. This class will require students to learn more about themselves as they learn the skills to navigate through, around, or over obstacles to success. Students will learn what it means to have a “growth” mindset and how an individual’s success or failure typically depends on their willingness to turn failures into learning experiences.

Class Expectations: This course will require students to have a desire to become competitively employed. The course introduces a significant amount of information in a very short time so attendance is not only expected, it is mandatory for success. Students are allowed one absence; any additional absences will result in a meeting with the instructor to discuss continuing participation in the course. This course is about employment preparation, therefore, students are expected to arrive to class on time and prepared. Tardiness will not be tolerated.

Class activities and lessons are interactive and require a great deal of class participation and discussion. All students are expected to actively engage in class discussions, group activities and circle time. Students are expected to complete all course assignments successfully. There are two, possibly three, field trips in addition the 8 scheduled classes. Participation in these field trips is mandatory unless excused by the instructor PRIOR to the field trip. Celebration Banquet & Ceremony after completion. Scholarships available for qualifying applicants, call for more information at 307-782-6401.

Job Readiness Workshop


with Nicole Espy

Calendar Next session starts Mar 5, 2019 at 2 pm, runs for 3 weeks
1 additional session on Apr 16, 2019

This excellent 3-day workshop covers three areas vital to any job seeker: 1) Job Searching & Matching - This class will help one learn how to use the website in job search activities. The principles learned can be applied to other job search/announcements websites. Pre-requisites: create account for the website (minimum username and password). Class will cover subjects such as Labor Market Information, on-line resumes, virtual recruiters and job skills identification utilizing the website.

2) Resume & Cover Letter - This class will help one understand the purpose, information on a resume, and types of resumes and their uses. Discussion of cover letters, their purpose and how to write a cover letter. If time allows, critiques of individual resumes will be done. Discussion will cover information on a resume, formatting a resume, and how to use your information for interviewing. Pre-requisite: registration.

3) Interviewing and Dressing for Success - This class will help participants prepare for interviews. Class provides information on interviewing techniques for successful interviewing, identifying your skills. Also discussed will be attire for interviewing. If time allows, practice interviews will be conducted. Pre-requisites: registration.

Math Tutoring


with Linda Irick

Calendar Next session starts Jan 2, 2019
A little help please? Yes! Valley Learning Center offers math tutoring. Our instructors are seasoned professionals with years of experience working with all levels of student ability. Please call to make an appointment to plan your math tutoring needs at 307-782-6401.

Sneak Peek at Online College Classes


with Susan Hissong

Calendar Next session starts Jan 7, 2019 at 2 pm, runs for 1 week

Want to see how online classes work? Or just let us help you make sure you're ready to start your distance learning online college class? We'll help you with log-in to your MyWestern account, become familiar with all the services found there, and give you an overview of Canvas - the online classroom for internet courses where the teacher and students interact. For more information, call 307-782-6401 or email

Substitute Teaching


with Linda Irick

Calendar Next session starts Jan 30, 2019 at 6 pm, runs for 8 weeks

This community class meets the requirements of “at least 24 hours of school district in-service training” as mentioned on the state of Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board website. This class is designed to prepare students to become substitute teachers. It will cover the use and application of lesson plans, elements of instruction, emergency plans, classroom organization and behavior management skills. Students will learn about duties and job descriptions for all levels. Successful completion of the course is based on attendance. Become a substitute teacher with your high school diploma (or High School Equivalency) and this class. Upon completion and with additional observation time, you can meet the requirements to become a certified substitute teacher in the state of Wyoming. Additionally, you will be required to undergo background checks to work in local school districts. Classes are Wednesdays. There will be one night of class that will meet on a different night because of district parent/teacher conferences. That will be announced during class. PLEASE NOTE - All current state requirements to gain your Substitute Teaching Permit are listed online at Requirements are subject to change. If you are not certain of your current eligibility to become a substitute teacher in Wyoming, please check with the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board. If you have ever been a substitute teacher before, and your certification has lapsed, this class is not for RE-certification.

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