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Substitute Teaching


with Linda Irick

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 12, 2020 at 6 pm

This community class meets the requirements of “at least 24 hours of school district in-service training” as mentioned on the state of Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board website. This class is designed to prepare students to become substitute teachers.

It will cover the use and application of lesson plans, elements of instruction, emergency plans, classroom organization and behavior management skills. Students will learn about duties and job descriptions for all levels. Successful completion of the course is based on attendance. Become a substitute teacher with your high school diploma (or High School Equivalency) and this class. Upon completion and with additional observation time, you can meet the requirements to become a certified substitute teacher in the state of Wyoming. Additionally, you will be required to undergo background checks to work in local school districts. Classes are Wednesdays. There will be one night of class that will meet on a different night because of district parent/teacher conferences. That will be announced at the beginning of the class.
PLEASE NOTE - All current state requirements to gain your Substitute Teaching Permit are listed online at Requirements are subject to change. If you are not certain of your current eligibility to become a substitute teacher in Wyoming, please check with the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board. If you have ever been a substitute teacher before, and your certification has lapsed, this class is not for RE-certification.

CNA Free Consultation


with Staff Staff

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 18, 2020

If you want to work in healthcare but don’t see college as being a good choice for you, or you want to earn some money before you enroll in a degree program so you don’t have to worry about amassing a huge amount of student debt, you will want to seriously consider becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant! Register here and we will contact you about all the options and possibilities. Our next course starts on February 18, 2020. The course work will be online with labs at Lyman High School and clinicals at Castle Rock Convalescent Center towards the end of March. Please contact us by registering or calling 307.782.6401.

Concealed Carry for Utah and Wyoming


with Spence Bentley

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 29, 2020 at 9 am

The Concealed Carry Plus course is the True North Strategic Concealed Carry Class. We believe in putting assets on the street and that the minimum required by the state is not enough to make you an asset. In this course we will cover the laws pertaining to carrying and using a firearm for self defense and the use of deadly force in the classroom. Then we will go to the range and build a solid defensive shooting foundation for you to build on with further training. This course was developed to fill the void in training between the state minimum training, and becoming a confident armed citizen. Age required: Must be within 1 year of your 21st birthday or older. Please be aware class dates/schedule may be changed due to weather. Going with the class to the range is not mandatory but encouraged. Instructor helps people start to learn to shoot and to get them comfortable with carrying a firearm. Students that wish to go to the range should bring their firearm that they plan on carrying. If they do bring a firearm we ask they leave them in their locked vehicle until we go to the range. Bringing 100 or more rounds of ammunition is suggested. Permits are not issued at this class. Students have to submit an application to the state and get a background check then the state issues the permit.

Basic Pistol


with Spence Bentley

Calendar Next available session starts Apr 4, 2020 at 9 am

This 8 hour course will focus on basic defensive pistol shooting techniques for armed citizens giving you a solid foundation to build upon as your training progresses. We start with the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship and firearm manipulation. Once you have a solid grasp on these concepts we will go over carry modes and gear, then move in to the combat mindset, and defensive shooting techniques with drills that will help you further hone your skills. This course will be taught in two parts, part one will be in the class room and part two will be on the range. This course is a great follow on to the concealed carry permit course or as a stand-alone for new shooters that want to start building their skills.

Fundamentals of pistol marksmanship
Drawing and presenting a firearm from concealment
Combat and tactical reloads
Clearning malfunctions
Proper gear and ammunition
Introduction to using cover and concealment
Combat mindset
Combat effective shooting vs competition shooting
Defensive shooting techniques and drills
REQUIRED GEAR: Pistol of any caliber (Preferably 9mm or better)
Min 2 Magazines
Gun belt (Recommended) Here is a great place to get a good belt
Magazine pouch
Holster (Strong side hip inside or outside the waistband suggested, No cross draw or shoulder holsters)
Speed loader
eye protection
ear protection (Electronic recommended)
150+ rounds of ammunition
Knee Pads

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